About Me

About Me

My name is Bradley Rice and I am a budding football journalist. I have attempted the traditional route of talking to newspapers about acquiring work experience but that has largely fallen on deaf ears.

As a result, I have decided to go it alone.

Half-time Oranges is a site dedicated to all forms of the beautiful game, but with one common trend, real stories from real people.

There are so many people involved in the game that have original and interesting stories waiting to be told.

I will delve into the areas of the game, less trodden. From grassroots through to the professional side of things, I will have all bases covered.

What’s more, I will be looking at the disability side of the game.  I hope to give those involved in deaf and blind football, more exposure.

It’s about talking to people who share my passion for the beautiful game. I hope to show the very essence of football. A sport which can cross barriers and bring people closer together.